The Impact of a Corporate Culture of Sustainability on Corporate Behavior and Performance - Harvard Business School


We investigate the effect of a corporate culture of sustainability on multiple facets of corporate behavior and performance outcomes. Using a matched sample of 180 companies, we find that corporations that voluntarily adopted environmental and social policies by 1993 - termed as High Sustainability companies - exhibit fundamentally different characteristics from a matched sample of firms that adopted almost none of these policies - termed as Low Sustainability companies.

RCM Sustainability White Paper

This paper aims to to prove one way or the other whether and to what degree investor wealth is impacted by applying ESG filters to portfolios. To do so, RCM sourced global data from what it deemed as one of the most consistent and comprehensive providers of corporate ESG information and then refined the data using in-house ESG resources so a meaningful and quantifiable result could be obtained.

Mercer - Shedding Light on Responsible Investment

​This report presents a summary of some of the new academic studies released since the 2007 AMWG UNEP FI/Mercer joint report. We have reviewed 16 academic studies that focus on the link between E, S or G factors and firm or portfolio performance.​

SAM - Alpha from Sustainability

What is the added value of integrating sustainability criteria into traditional financial valuation models? Can financial performance be enhanced by investing in sustainable companies? These are the questions to be answered in this white paper. It starts by briefly introducing SAM's research philosophy and assessment process before presen­ting the results of our latest empirical study, carried out by Robeco's Quantitative Strategies Department.

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